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TAL Women's Forum

TAL Families have come together and formed TAL Women's Forum to share the experience and extend helping hand with relevant information and tips that are useful for parenting, family, kids and their education. This forum is a stage to share your culinary skills, useful travel information and all other that helps Telugu Women and families in London. TAL Women's Forum meets regularly and arrange get togethers, combined activities locally. Join the forum and contribute to the better parenting and family life in London.

Kids Education

Information about your kid's education and tips to get your kid a better education. You can contribute too...

Health and Tips

Keep healthy and fit. How can you do it..? here are few tips from our TAL Women's forum to share with all...

Food and Recipes

Lets make tasty, delicious and healthy food. TAL Women's Forum is here to help you prepare this with experienced tips...

Forum Activities

TAL Women's Forum organises many activities such as family get togethers. We will update our latest activities here...

Coming up with tips for the family.

You can contribute too by send us in the email at contact@taluk.org

Coming up with tips for children

You can contribute too by send us in the email at contact@taluk.org

Any information that is useful for Women and Children can be added here. Please suggest us to add any info...